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A multidisciplinary team seeking an alternative source of cells for blood transfusion



Novosang is a multi-disciplinary team working on the development of a novel strategy that will address the growing problems associated with blood transfusion.  

It has developed a process to produce red blood cells in the laboratory from pluripotent stem cells.  This supply of blood cells should be limitless as it does not depend on donors, it will be cleaner because it will be completely free of any infectious agent and it will be possible to produce cells of any blood group, including very rare types.  

A prototype culture process has been developed that allows the production of red blood cells in the laboratory under good manufacturing conditions. 

Regulatory processes are being put in place in readiness for a first-in-man trial.

The team is also working to increase the efficiency of the system and to scale the process up to produce the number of cells required for clinical transfusion.