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Dr Allison Blair

Dr Allison Blair

Principal Clinical Scientist

University of Bristol

Principal Clinical Scientist, Deputy Leader Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Therapies  in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol.  

Allison's research focuses on the biology of childhood leukaemia and on ex vivo expansion of haemopoietic stem cells for therapeutic use.

She obtained her PhD on cellular relationships in the developing murine liver at the University of St Andrews and was awarded a fellowship from the Leukaemia Research Fund of Canada to carry our post-doctoral training at the Terry Fox Laboratory in Vancouver, Canada.

During this time she was involved in work that lead to the first description of stem cells in adult acute myeloid leukaemia and demonstrated they had similar characteristics to normal blood stem cells. 

On returning to the UK she established a research group studying childhood leukaemia and ex vivo expansion of haemopoietic stem cells.  Her group were the first to describe leukaemia stem cells in both B- and T-cell leukaemias in children and have developed a leukaemia models for the evaluation of therapeutic agents in vivo. 

Within the “Biology Workstream” of the NOVOSANG project her group developed an in vivo model to assess the survival and functional capacity of red blood cells generated in the laboratory and compare them to normal donated red blood cells. 

Her work is funded by the Wellcome Trust, the National Institute for Health Research and the Department of Health (England).