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Dr Jo Mountford

Dr Jo Mountford

Head of Tissue and Cellular Therapeutics, Reader in Stem Cell Technologies

SNBTS, University of Glasgow

Head of Tissue and Cellular Therapeutics Research and Development at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service and  Reader in Stem Cell Technologies at the University of Glasgow.

Jo graduated from Birmingham University in 1995 with a PhD in biochemistry and haematopoiesis.

Her background is in the differentiation of normal and leukemic blood cells (1993-2008). Since 2008 her laboratory has focussed more on human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) and their capacity to generate haematopoietic and vascular lineages.

This includes molecular and biochemical analyses. The overall aim of the work is to fully dissect key signalling events, transcriptional networks and epigenetic changes that lead to effective differentiation to these two closely linked lineages. 

Dr Mountford’s lab has developed novel, clinically relevant protocols for the generation of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells from hPSCs and their subsequent differentiation into red blood cells for transfusion. 

The work, funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Scottish Funding Council, as such, has a therapeutic goal in dissecting the mechanisms governing the generation of red cells in order to optimise the process.

Dr Mountford, alongside Professor Andy Baker, has published on the role of miRNA in endothelial specification and differentiation from hPSCs and has developed a novel clinically relevant method for the production of vascular endothelium for the treatment of ischemic diseases.

Projects currently being undertaken are funded by the Medical Research Council Translational Stem Cell Research Committee, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council - CASE (Co-operative Awards in Science and Technology) scheme, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and are part of the BHF Mending Broken Hearts Centre for Vascular Regeneration. 

In her role as Head of Tissue and Cellular Therapeutics at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, Dr Mountford leads the development of novel cellular therapeutics, including products generated from mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), endothelial and haematopoietic lineages.