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Dr Mike MacDonald

Dr Mike MacDonald

Senior Lecturer

School of Engineering Physics and Mathematics, University of Dundee.

Head of the Biophotonics research group, University of Dundee.

Mike's work focusses on optical and acoustic micromanipulation, microscopy and optoacoustics.

This encompasses: -

  • Micromanipulation - optical and acoustic manipulation of cells and tissue for cell control and sorting
  • Lightsheet microscopy – high-speed wide-filed view, 3D imaging of plant roots and chick embryos.
  • Medical photonics: optoacoustics in diagnostics and therapy

As well as his research, Dr MacDonald is a senior lecturer jointly appointed by the University’s Physics division and Institute for Medical Science and Technology.

Before joining Dundee, Mike MacDonald spearheaded several projects at the University of St Andrews. This included research which led to the discovery of new optical manipulation techniques and cell-sorting technologies, with publications in Science and Nature.  He joined the University of St Andrews after gaining a PhD in laser physics from Bern University, Switzerland.

His involvement in the Novosang project involves the vision to produce a scalable process for red blood cell production.  

Current cell sorting technologies rely on labelling, produce damaging shear stresses or are inherently non-scalable.  The University of Dundee’s role is to develop new cell sorting and quality assurance/quality control technologies. This would address the current lack of technologies capable of meeting the future needs of an industrially produced red-blood-cell -based transfusion service.  

Addressing this potential bottleneck in the processing pipeline early on would help avoid future barriers to production. It would also provide added value in the shape of intellectual property for the project.  Additionally, any scalable sorting processes developed will have wide applicability to other regenerative medicine-based therapies and beyond.