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Dr Robert Thomas

Dr Robert Thomas

Senior Lecturer, EPSRC Career Fellow

Centre for Biological Engineering, Loughborough University

Senior Lecturer and EPSRC Career Fellow at the University of Loughborough.

Rob's group research and develop manufacturing technologies and processes for cell therapies, with a particular focus on haematopoietic lineage products.

Rob trained as a Pharmacist (Nottingham University/Pfizer Pharmaceutics Global Research and Development) prior to completing a PhD at Nottingham University on the development and characterization of hepatocyte and stellate cell co-culture systems.

He progressed to a postdoctoral position in the EPSRC remedi Grand Challenge program applying engineering principles to the manufacture of cell based products for regenerative medicine; in particular developing fully automated scalable processes for manufacture of multiple therapeutic cell types and statistical models of process optimisation and control.

Within the Manufacturing Workstream of the Blood programme he is developing the processes that will enable manufacture of the required quantities of cells for early stage clinical trials. This includes the identification of production process tolerances, and necessary controls, using multiple station bioreactors. This work will also identify the bioprocess limitations of the cells at each stage of differentiation to support specification of an economically optimal production system for future higher scale production.