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Dr Willy Murphy

Dr Willy Murphy

Medical and Scientific Director

Irish Blood Transfusion Service

Medical and Scientific Director, Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

Medical & Scientific Director of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service since 1996, Willy is responsible for medical, scientific and technical matters within the transfusion service. He also provides clinical consultant haematologist service at Cavan General Hospital in transfusion medicine and in laboratory blood banking. Prior to this role he was a Senior Lecturer in Medicine, University of Edinburgh & Honorary Consultant Haematologist, Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service from 1991 to 1996.

He trained in Haematology in Edinburgh and at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada and has published over 100 research papers and book chapters and holds 3 patents. Publications cover clinical reports, clinical trials, audit studies, published evidence-based guidelines, and laboratory research in haematology - particularly in red cell development, coagulation, blood components and bacteriology in transfusion.

Future goals include working on improved provision of coagulation and red cell transfusion support in serious haemorrhage in resource-deprived areas of the world, developing a country wide service for people with haemochromatosis in Ireland, and working out why male and females across the animal kingdom develop different haemoglobin levels in adulthood.